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YFJ Towards a European Charter on the Rights of the Volunteer

EYV 2011 Alliance Executive Group member the European Youth Forum invites all relevent stakeholders to participate in the open discourse towards a European Charter on…

CoR EPP Group Declaration on Volunteering

EYV 2011 Alliance Steering Group member Agnes Uhereczky (AVSO) recently presented the EYV 2011 Alliance work at the EPP Group in the Committee of the…

EYV 2011 Alliance member "Alliance" - EYV 2011 Flag Tour

The Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations (www.alliance-network.eu) has launched an EYV 2011 Flag Tour to celebrate volunteering, encourage active involvement of people within civil…

EYV 2011 Flagship Projects Selection Results

CALL FOR PROPOSALS - COMM/C2/1-2010 EYV This Call - based upon Council Decision of 27 November 2009 designating 2011 as the European year of voluntary…

Finnish President Opens EYV 2011 in Finland

Organised by Allianssi, the Finnish Youth Council who are a members of EYV 2011 Alliance Executive Group member the European Youth Forum, EYV 2011 was…

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EYV 2011 Relay - Who is your Volunteer Reporter?

See the attached file for the list of Volunteer Relay Reporters from each EU country and details of where they will travel to.  The Relay…

Hungarian Civil Society Organisations issue position paper

Hungarian Civil Society Organisations express their wish to be involved and play a role during the 2011 EU Hungarian Presidency and EYV 2011", read their…

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EYV Tour Press Releases

PRESS & MEDIA European Year of Volunteering 2011 Click Here for the EYV 2011 Tour programmes. Click Here for the Virtual Press kits: Media Launch…

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MEPs - Step Up!

CEV and the EYV 2011 Alliance ask why the role of Volunteering is not a major topic of EU debate.  Read the article on page…

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