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Effectively Communicating volunteering: The role of PR, Media and Raising Public Awareness (CEV), 2010

Effectively Communicating volunteering: The role of PR, Media and Raising Public Awareness. CEV Multi-Stakeholder Symposium in Valencia 28th-30th April 2010. Final report and Conference conclusions published by CEV-European Volunteer Center, 2010.

Get involved: Give them your time...

Since its opening in 1997, L'ENVOL pour les enfants européens has welcomed in the spring and summer close to 6,000 children (about 600 per year). All of them suffer from chronic and serious illnesses which usually confines them within a caring yet narrow world of hospital and family.

In twelve days in an exceptional setting, the domain of Echouboulains -- chateau, park plus 30 hectares complete with swimming pool and workshops -- the children discover a community through numerous activities. Their stay is safe: they benefit from constant medical supervision and a adult for every two children. This adventure allows them to live more easily with their illness and regain confidence in their bodies, their future and other people.


The involvment of many volunteers to insure the welcome of children with serious illnesses is a fundamental part of the spirit of L'ENVOL. About 30 volunteers participate at each of these camps. About 200 volunteers per year. They are totally involved in our mission for children. The volunteers are carefully selected, trained and managed by our staff. They support us to implement the activities at camp. It allows all those wishing to live a unique experience supporting children with serious illnesses.

There is a great need for volunteers, apart from taking care of children, on a permanent basis which covers the activities of doctors, nurses, activities leaders, etc. The duration of this support can be adapted to each case and the volunteer's time available.


The volunteers stay for a session in the center, attached to a group together with salaried counselors. Four counselors take care of eight children.

Volunteers are fed and lodged.


Volunteers'enrolment files should be sent to L'ENVOL according to the model given here: http://www.lenvol.asso.fr/IMG/pdf/Dossier_Benevolat_2011-5.pdf


Candidates must be more than 20 years old,  stable minded, strong and speak french. Like taking care of children is an other condition.


They can get additional information by calling Volunteer and counsellor Departement:
Christine Marques
Téléphone: +33 (0)1 60 73 58 72
Fax: +33 (0)1 60 73 58 59
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Motivation in Scouting (WOSM), 2009

Motivation in Scouting. This material was produced by the Adult Resources Core Group, The World Organization of the Scout Movement - European Region (WOSM), World Scout Bureau - European Regional Office, 2009

This Euro.Scout.Doc discusses what motivation is, why it is important in Scouting and how motivation works at the different levels in Scouting. It is a good resource for Leaders looking for ways to motivate, with key insights to help discover what works for you and the people around you.

Looking at quality in Scouting (WOSM), 2007

Looking at quality in Scouting, The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), World Scout Bureau - European Regional Office, 2007

The Scout movement promises exciting activities, challenges and fun to its members. But is this what is it providing to the young people of the movement? Often their needs and expectations are not met and so they leave Scouting. This Euro.Scout.Doc takes a look at quality in Scouting and why it is important for us to constantly re-evaluate the service we offer young Scouts to ensure we are meeting their expectations.

Wanted: Ideas for Workshops on volunteering & Workshop leaders

ACES – The Academy of Central European Schools is aiming at the promotion of dialogue and co-operation of young people and teachers (schools) in its 15 Eastern/South Eastern European partner countries. Therefore ACES organises and supports international school partnership projects. The closing event of the project year 2010/2011 will take place in Prague (Czech Republic) from 29 March - 1 April 2011.

One 31 March, the Academy will focus on an "active" approach to the topic of VOLUNTEERING (related to schools/school development, community/school and community, educational dimension/learning opportunity, motivation, active citizenship etc.) by organising 6-8 workshops for students/teachers (workshop duration 2 hours). Therefore we are looking for: 

  1. creative workshop ideas which tackle and put into practice this broad topic fruitfully for our target groups and accordingly 
  2. for good workshop leaders (fee-based)


For our purpose and target group we need the workshop offers to be:

  • interesting for students (12 – 17 years old) as well as for teachers  (mixed groups)
  • The workshop should be "student-able" concerning the use of language and methods and methods oriented (not theory oriented): interactive, participative
  • basics, not advanced stuff
  • practice-oriented (not theory oriented), especially it should be interactive and participative; we are looking for playful and method-based workshops
  • Focus should be on inspiring the participants (in 2 h it's not realistic to expect more, not even talking about a holistic approach)
  • Please take into account not only diverse age range (students from 12-17 and teachers) but especially also various levels of previous experiences of our participants


It would just be great if you would have some ideas on what especially within volunteering could be interesting for our participants / for schools/students and teachers / and maybe also suggest some trainers (e.g. also from your institution/organisation)!

Please contact me as soon as possible!

Tine Gamper, Interkulturelles Zentrum (Vienna, Austria)

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


More information on ACES on www.aces.or.at


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