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MEPs - Step Up!

CEV and the EYV 2011 Alliance ask why the role of Volunteering is not a major topic of EU debate.  Read the article on page 54 of the European Parliament Magazine.

Council Decision of 27 November 2009 on the European Year of Voluntary Activities Promoting Active Citizenship (EC), 2010

COUNCIL DECISION of 27 November 2009 on the European Year of Voluntary Activities Promoting Active Citizenship (2011) (2010/37/EC) 22.1.2010 EN Official Journal of the European Union

Volunteers in Youth Organisations Building Europe

Volunteers from some of the European Youth Forum member organisations describe what they do as volunteers in this inspiring video.  Click Here.

EYV 2011 on Euronews

A recent feature on Euronews highlights EYV 2011.  Click Here.


International Partnership - Saudi Arabia

Good healthy day.


My Name is Engr. Mohammad Bakhrieba, public goodwill ambassador for Ambassadors of the World program, that has started in 86 counties
world wide, I do social projects in Saudi Arabia in coordination with the Ministry of Health and now the ministry of Culture and
information. All the projects we conducted have made great impact on the society at the national level as we align our efforts with the
international community plans for the United Nation that meets the Saudi Government vision.

We will be pleased to participate and support any initiative that will impact the mutual understanding and sustainability for our young generations among the
world, we are very keen to partner, share and learn from our colleagues in Europe.

Yours Truelly,
Engr. Mohammad Bakhrieba,
Public Goodwill Ambassador, AWP,
UN-WHO International Organizational Partner,
Founder of STOP TB Jeddah Group,
AWP - International Coordinator.

EYV 2011 in the Balkans

SEETV Agency has made available this 6 minute international version of a report on EYV 2011 so broadcasters in the Balkans can translate the available English script in their national languages.  The report includes interviews with volunteers and coordinators (SILEX, Responsible Young drivers); Matthew Newman, Spokesperson of Commissioner Reding; Gabriella Civico from the EYV 2011 Alliance + Pictures from the official EU EYV 2011 Clip.


Volunteering as an Active Ingredient of the EU 2020 Strategy (Volonteurope), 2010

Volunteering as an Active Ingredient of the EU 2020 Strategy. Response from the Volonteurope Network to the Consultation on the EU 2020 Strategy, 14 January 2010

Call for abstracts, SMES conference

11th European SMES Conference "Sharing and participating to promote dignified life and mental health", Bucharest 16-18 March 2011. Send the abstract of your proposed intervention by 25th January 2011...Read more about the Call for Abstract.

Wanted: Ideas for Workshops on volunteering & Workshop leaders

ACES – The Academy of Central European Schools is aiming at the promotion of dialogue and co-operation of young people and teachers (schools) in its 15 Eastern/South Eastern European partner countries. Therefore ACES organises and supports international school partnership projects. The closing event of the project year 2010/2011 will take place in Prague (Czech Republic) from 29 March - 1 April 2011.

One 31 March, the Academy will focus on an "active" approach to the topic of VOLUNTEERING (related to schools/school development, community/school and community, educational dimension/learning opportunity, motivation, active citizenship etc.) by organising 6-8 workshops for students/teachers (workshop duration 2 hours). Therefore we are looking for: 

  1. creative workshop ideas which tackle and put into practice this broad topic fruitfully for our target groups and accordingly 
  2. for good workshop leaders (fee-based)


For our purpose and target group we need the workshop offers to be:

  • interesting for students (12 – 17 years old) as well as for teachers  (mixed groups)
  • The workshop should be "student-able" concerning the use of language and methods and methods oriented (not theory oriented): interactive, participative
  • basics, not advanced stuff
  • practice-oriented (not theory oriented), especially it should be interactive and participative; we are looking for playful and method-based workshops
  • Focus should be on inspiring the participants (in 2 h it's not realistic to expect more, not even talking about a holistic approach)
  • Please take into account not only diverse age range (students from 12-17 and teachers) but especially also various levels of previous experiences of our participants


It would just be great if you would have some ideas on what especially within volunteering could be interesting for our participants / for schools/students and teachers / and maybe also suggest some trainers (e.g. also from your institution/organisation)!

Please contact me as soon as possible!

Tine Gamper, Interkulturelles Zentrum (Vienna, Austria)

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


More information on ACES on www.aces.or.at


EYV 2011 Media Launch December 2nd 2010 Brussels

The EYV 2011 Media Launch was held in Brussels on December 2nd 2010.  Here you can find the Press Pack as a direct download and the Photographs via this link.


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