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Croatian Scouts celebrating European Year of Volunteering

Croatian Scouts celebrating European Year of Volunteering

Scout Association of Croatia realized their National event and national Scout gathering "Together for Community" on 10 to 12 June, in the municipality of Bistra, near Zagreb.
The aim of this event was to raise public awareness about volunteering and to make volunteer contribution in community development more visible. Parallel to this gathering, a Roundtable "Possibilities for improvement of volunteering in NGOs" was realized.

These events were organized under the patronage of the Croatian Government and Ministry of Family, Veterans and Inter-generational Solidarity.

As a recognition of work of Croatian Scouts and their voluntary involvement in the community, the national gathering was visited by Ms. Jadranka Kosor, the Prime minister of Croatia.

Cub Scouts Pack into Parliament

Cub Scouts Pack into Parliament

A group of Cub Scouts and their Leader visited Westminster on 7th June for Parliament's first ever Cub pack meeting. The event was part of The Scout Association's drive to promote the benefits of volunteering to adults.

Various MP's joined them to volunteer for the day and see first-hand the benefits that volunteering has on the life of adult Leaders present. Many of the Leaders at the meeting were recent recruits to Scouting, having joined up over the past two years.

Among those taking part was scout leader Jenny Thorp, who said volunteering with the scouts helped launch her career as a teacher. She said: "When I decided to change career paths and become a teacher the skills I'd developed in scouting were key to getting a place on the Graduate Teacher Programme."

Planned to coincide with National Volunteers' Week, the event saw a collection of MPs work with twelve adult Leaders from around the country to help twenty-eight Cub Scouts enjoy a range of activities. Activities included setting up a camp and going on an indoor expedition.

Read more at The Scout Association website http://scout.org.uk/news/388/cub-scouts-pack-into-parliament


Apresentação CNE Voluntariado

Apresentação CNE Voluntariado

Corpo Nacional de Escutas, Portugal, issued a new video promoting volunteering in the Association. If you think you may like the idea and produce one yourself, please have a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5pffCcb8KY&feature=player_embedded


Volontaire un jour, bénévole toujours!

Volontaire un jour, bénévole toujours!

An effective volunteer story was published in Vivre à Genève, publication of the city of Geneva.

Laurent Menoud is running the Resto'Scout where hot meals are served to people in need. The Resto'Scout serves about 150 people per Sunday with a budget of 200 CHF. Laurent mobilizes every weekend a team of volunteers to collect the goods, prepare and serve the meals.

Laurent joined the Scouts at very early age and spent time in various troops in Geneva. Several years ago, he discovered, by accident, the Resto'Scout and is now managing it as a volunteer, being present Sunday after Sunday. The Resto'Scouts has to be closed three or four times a year when tensions are raising during the service or when there is not enough volunteers for the service. But in the meantime, while Laurent is getting more money, he is preparing bigger and better meals and even more people are coming.

To learn more about the Resto'Scout, please visit www.restoscout.ch

You can download the full article about Laurent here http://www.ville-geneve.ch/fileadmin/public/publications/vivre-geneve/vivre-geneve-magazine-40.pdf


Volunteering in Youth NGOs: Citizens in action

Volunteering in Youth NGOs: Citizens in action

The Volunteering Event held in Istanbul, Turkey from 24 to 29 March 2011, under the heading "Volunteering in Youth NGOs: Citizens in action", gathered 44 participants and Planning team members from 21 associations from 19 countries to share about their activities on volunteering, get new ideas working together and possibly start partnership projects.

The event has been a very valuable opportunity to: share information about the state of volunteering in the different participating national Scout associations and countries, to update on the developments and achievements of the 2011 European Year of Volunteering and to inform about European opportunities and resources related to volunteering and young people.

Participants had the opportunity to analyse way volunteers are managed in their organisations with the aim to ensure that there is the supportive environment that will maximise their experience in volunteering. Specific time and focus have also been dedicated to present and discuss the importance to have an external relations approach to better to profile volunteering and its recognition.

Having participants from countries from all around Europe surely gave to the event a genuine European atmosphere. Their different experience and background offered a good example of the variety and richness of approaches of NSOs in Europe on the theme of volunteering.

During the event several European projects, opportunities and resources have been presented, offering the participants the possibility to get to know better how the topic of volunteering is tackled in Europe and specifically by certain European institutions/platforms/NGOs.

The participants had also the opportunity to present national and local volunteer projects in the view of an exchange of experiences and best practices, allowing the other participants to get know better each other's backgrounds.

More about the event is available from http://volunteering.scouthub.org/.


Austria Celebrates the European Year of Volunteering EYV 2011

Austria Celebrates the European Year of Volunteering EYV 2011

A delegation of 15 Scouts and Guides of Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen Österreichs (PPÖ, the National Scout Organisation in Austria) was present when more than 600 representatives of Austrian NGOs came together at Salzburg Palace. They gathered to celebrate the official start of the European Year of Volunteering and met with H.E. Heinz Fischer, Federal President of the Republic of Austria, and members of the federal and provincial governments.

In his address, the President emphasized the vital role of volunteer commitment for local communities and the Austrian society in general. More than 3 million Austrians (more than a third of the population) invested much of their spare time to the benefit of the country and its inhabitants.

Other speakers, including H.E. Gabi Burgstaller, Governor of the province of Salzburg, and Thomas Geierspichler, Paralympic Gold Medallist and EYV 2011 Ambassador, underlined the important contributions of volunteers in all areas of society and welcomed the opportunity of the EYV 2011 to showcase the different aspects of the valuable and 'timeless' work of volunteers to a wider audience, both in Austria and throughout Europe and the world.

Briefly commenting the event, Lisa Höllbacher, member of PPÖ's Youth Council, said that Guides and Scouts in Austria played their part in promoting the valuable volunteer work both within the organisation and outside. She hoped that the European Year of Volunteering 2011 and related activities would encourage even more citizens in Austria and other countries to engage as volunteers on local, national and international levels. She also recalled that social skill building and empowerment of children and young people were integral part of the educational programme of the Scout and Guide movements and contributed to the development of local society and the living environment.



Junction49.co.uk is an online platform that inspires and supports young people across the UK aged 13-25 to set up and deliver their own social action projects around the issues that matter to them.  Through our dedicated helpdesk, young people receive tailored support and advice around how to plan their project, help with finding and applying for funding as well as putting them in touch with other young people who may be able to help.

Volont'R sans frontières.

Volont'R sans frontières.


► Le projet :

Volont'R sans frontières est un projet de volontariat relationnel, d'aide et de service à des personnes âgées en home, à des enfants en crèche, à des patients en clinique ou à des personnes handicapées. La découverte du monde du volontariat relationnel est couplée à la réalisation d'un carnet de voyage pour transmettre l'expérience vécue par les participants à ce projet.

► Volont'R :

Fondée au début des années 1960, l'association Volont'R est une asbl reconnue depuis 1982 en tant que service de jeunesse par la Communauté française. Son objectif principal est de soutenir l'engagement gratuit des jeunes et l'émergence d'une citoyenneté responsable au travers de différentes activités de solidarité. Concrètement, nous proposons, à Bruxelles et en Région wallonne, du volontariat centré sur le relationnel et l'écoute de l'autre dans diverses institutions : cliniques, maisons de repos, crèches, écoles de devoirs, centres pour personnes handicapées...

Le volontariat que nous proposons est ouvert à tous à partir de 17 ans et participe au développement personnel au travers notamment d'une prise d'autonomie, d'une ouverture à la tolérance et aux différences, ainsi que du respect de l'autre. Lié à un désir de s'impliquer dans la société, il permet la découverte de réalités sociales et la création de liens de qualité au sein des diverses institutions partenaires.

► Rencontre

Le but de ce projet est de mettre sur pied des moments de rencontres et d'échanges sur ce qui est vécu dans le volontariat relationnel au quotidien. Le groupe sera composé à la fois de jeunes volontaires de la Communauté française, mais également de volontaires internationaux.

► Le volontariat relationnel :

Volont'R propose un projet de volontariat couplé à la création commune d'un carnet de voyage de l'expérience vécue. Le volontariat se fera dans une de nos institutions partenaires dans la région de Bruxelles : crèche, clinique, maison de repos, centre pour personnes handicapées (au choix). Les tâches seront d'accompagner les personnes dans la vie quotidienne (écoute, petits services, activités communes, ...). Les jeunes seront par deux (un volontaire étranger avec un volontaire belge) dans chaque institution.

Les moments de volontariat en institution seront alternés avec des moments de rencontre du groupe de volontaires pour réaliser le carnet de voyage. Celui-ci sera construit selon la méthode du « Do It Yourself » (fait main). Les jeunes pourront suivre sa réalisation du début à la fin (jusqu'à l'imprimeur) et repartiront donc avec un produit fini. Des sorties et visites culturelles seront également prévues pour le groupe de volontaires. Dès son arrivée, le volontaire sera encadré par notre asbl et recevra une courte formation au volontariat en institution.

► Réalisation d'un carnet de voyage :

Dans l'esprit du « Do It Yourself » ce projet vous proposera de coucher dans un carnet hautement créatif votre expérience dans le monde du volontariat relationnel. En effet, avec ciseaux, crayons et papier en tout genre, vous découperez, déchirerez et explorerez les possibilités du « Do It Yourself ». Ce projet permettra  à votre créativité  de se dévoiler. Plongez dans l'univers de la création d'un carnet de voyage avec une pléiade d'outils plastiques variés (marqueurs indélébiles, découpages, collages...) ! Bref en 9 jours chrono vous vivrez une expérience intense avec en ligne de mire la finalisation et l'impression de ce carnet.

► Profil du volontaire :

Volontaire, âgé entre 18 et 30 ans. Le volontaire doit avoir envie de s'impliquer, être motivé pour le volontariat et le projet créatif.

► Date :

Ce projet se déroulera pendant le congé d'automne du 29 octobre 2011 au 6 novembre 2011.

► Lieu :


EC Call for proposals to support youth projects of regional or local authorities, NGOs and corporate social responsibility initiatives of private bodies

EC Call for proposals to support youth projects of regional or local authorities, NGOs and corporate social responsibility initiatives of private bodies. This call supports activities like youth exchanges, youth volunteering abroad and youth work cooperation. Deadline: 3 November 2011. Eligible projects must start between 1 March 2012 and 1 September 2012 and run for a maximum of 24 months. Read more.

Position paper on active ageing through older volunteering (AGE), 2011

Position paper on active ageing through older volunteering, AGE Platform Europe. September 2011.

Description: The objective of this paper is to encourage stakeholders to build on the momentum created by the European Year of Volunteering to foster active ageing in the community during 2012 and promote better recognition of the value that older volunteers bring for our societies.

The objective of this paper is to encourage stakeholders to build on the momentum created by the European Year of Volunteering to foster active ageing in the community during 2012 and promote better recognition of the value that older volunteers bring for our societies.

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