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CSVnet organised the Italian launching conference of EYV 2011

CSVnet organised the Italian launching conference of EYV 2011

CEV member organisation CSVnet was among the organisers of the Italian launching conference of the European Year of Volunteering 2011, held in Venice on 31st March – 1st April 2011. On the first conference day, 5 working groups discussed different issues related to volunteering, namely: subsidiarity, EU 2020, support policies, active citizenship, and youth and participation. The working groups were composed of representatives from various stakeholders including the volunteering and third sectors, public institutions, private companies, research centres and foundations. Participants, from Italy and other European countries, exchanged their opinions with the view to ultimately formulating concrete proposals regarding the position of volunteering in the mentioned topics. The second conference day was open to the broader public and provided an overview of volunteering in different European countries, with representatives from Scotland, Germany, Slovenia and Portugal presenting their organisations and the reality of volunteering in their countries. At the end of the day the final statements of the working groups were presented. During the conference, an appeal for solidarity, tolerance and hospitality was also addressed to the European Union, the Italian Government and the Italian society, in relation to the social emergency due to the arrival of thousands of immigrants on the island of Lampedusa. Finally, the Italian Minister for Labour and Social Affairs closed the Conference with a speech tackling some hot topics currently under discussion between the Ministry and volunteering sector. For more information, you can visit the dedicated Italian civil society website on the EYV 2011, which contains the material related to the Conference.

Keeping the Youth out of Exclusion - The benefits of Volunteering

Keeping the Youth out of Exclusion - The benefits of Volunteering

In the framework of the 2011 European Year of Volunteering and as a member of the EYV 2011 Alliance, the International Juvenile Justice Observatory, through its European branch, the European Juvenile Justice Observatory (EJJO), has launched an awareness campaign emphasizing the benefits brought by volunteering to the youth in situation, or at risk, of exclusion.

Always willing to enhance children's well-being, both Observatories decided to focus on the benefits brought by volunteering to the youth, especially to those in situation, or at risk, of social exclusion.

Hence the European Juvenile Justice Observatory developed an awareness campaign, which details the benefits brought by volunteering to the youth. For instance, volunteering is inter alia an including activity, which helps children and young people feel implicated in their community; it broadens their circle of friends and provides them with practical and social skills that may help them find a job in the future.

Such benefits have been underlined by theories developed at an academic level and practices discerned at a grass roots level. In fact, the awareness campaign developed by the European Juvenile Justice Observatory emphasizes these findings and gives the floor to different stakeholders. Hence, theories developed by academics are exposed alongside testimonies of volunteers, social workers and national representatives. Moreover, a series of NGOs encouraging the involvement of children and young people in voluntary activities are being presented in this campaign in order to underline good practices implemented throughout Europe and foster a greater implication of children and young people in volunteering – as it turns out, NGOs do not always think about engaging children and young people in their activities. Yet, more than the benefits they could receive from the work of volunteers, youngsters can greatly profit from volunteering themselves!

To find out more about this initiative, please go to: http://eyvcampaign.ejjo.org/

ECTP - European Citizenship Trimester Programme - Camp in Brussels

ECTP - European Citizenship Trimester Programme - Camp in Brussels

From Sunday 27 November until Thursday 1 December, after having spent three months abroad on an AFS trimester exchange, 169 young students, age 14 to 18, coming from 16 European countries, gathered in Brussels for the EFIL closing Camp of the European Citizenship Trimester Programme, before returning to their home countries. Add to this a team of 36 volunteers (prep team, trainers and support team), and you have a wonderful multicultural mix with people from Russia, Austria, Poland, Latvia, Italy, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, The Netherlands, Belgium Flanders and Belgium French, plus one participant from Canada. Additional hosting destinations were Serbia, Turkey and Ireland.

At the Brussels Camp, the participants had the unique opportunity to share their AFS experience with their peers from all over Europe, providing a superb climax and a substantial additional value to their trimester school exchange. In dynamic workshops and interactive sessions they reflected on their stay abroad and focused on topics like European and Active Citizenship. On Wednesday afternoon, we were joined by Mrs Maria Podlasek-Ziegler from the Youth In Action Unit of the DG Education and Culture of the European Commission, who talked to the participants about the opportunities for active citizenship offered to young people through the Youth in Action Programme (incl. EVS, Youth Initiatives, etc.).

A visit to Europe's capital city once again proved to be among the highlights of the Camp. A first group of participants went to visit the European Parliament, where they learned about the Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the European Commission, their legislative and executive roles, members and presidency. The visit included the impressive hemi-circular auditorium where the Parliament holds its Brussels sessions and committee meetings. A second group of participants visited the recently opened "Parlamentarium", the European Parliament's new Visitors' centre, where the students engaged in an interactive virtual trip through Europe and learned – in a refreshing and dynamic way – how decisions are made in Europe and how they influence our daily lives. Different from the previous years, the weather gods were on our side, and we continued the day's programme with a rally through Brussels' city centre to give the students an opportunity to see the royal Palace, the Grand Place and other major landmarks of Brussels.

On Thursday, tired but with big smiles on their faces and with lots of new friends, all the participants were transported to the airport to return to their homes after a trimester abroad and four intense days of sharing and learning. With the extraordinary support of the volunteers of the prep team, the support team and the trainers, coming from EFIL's Member Organisations in all corners of Europe, EFIL's third edition of the ECTP Camp was a tremendous success. We have already booked the venue for next year's edition!


Intercultural Dialogue Day 2011

Intercultural Dialogue Day 2011

Since 2008, the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, EFIL promotes the Intercultural Dialogue Day within its network, and celebrates this Day on the last Thursday of September.

During Intercultural Dialogue Day, AFS volunteers across Europe organise public events promoting intercultural dialogue and diversity through youth exchanges. During these events volunteers address audiences in an interactive way in order to raise awareness.

In 2011, on Thursday 29 September, all across the EFIL member organisations, activities took place as part of the 4th edition of our Annual Intercultural Dialogue Day. Events took place from Lisbon to Riga, from Ankara to Hamburg, from Cairo to Maribor, from Belgrade to Vladivostok. Have a look at our Googlemap!

This year we organized a Facebook contest for the best IDD Event and the winning group of 3 volunteers from Italy (Catania) got free registration at our Volunteer Summer Summit 2012. Other winning events were a Flashmob called 'Freezebook' which took place in 6 European cities and an Intercultural Treasure Hunt in Istanbul


The European Year of Volunteering Dream Team - An ENGSO Youth reflection on 2011: Volunteering, Sports and Non-Formal Education

The European Year of Volunteering Dream Team - An ENGSO Youth reflection on 2011: Volunteering, Sports and Non-Formal Education

Let's imagine a Europe where all young people actively participate in and physically contribute to society. Would this not just be the Dream Team European Volunteer Culture, in a healthy mind and body?

Let us take a look at reality...

Sport (the environment, the context): In the world of sport, on the mass participation club level; sport does not exist without volunteers. This is not just a statement, it is fact. Whether it is a young person becoming an assistant coach, refereeing the younger group's games, whether, it is parents coaching sessions, parents driving their children to games, all the way to decision makers in the field; they are for the majority volunteers.

The individual (you, us): Although volunteering is often considered as a "selfless activity" which promotes good for others and its surrounding community it cannot be neglected that individuals often volunteer because the opportunity lies in front of them (they are asked), this is often followed by a realisation that they can make a difference, they can contribute, they have a role. This experience in turn, often leads to the realisation that not only do they have a sense of belonging and contribute they in turn also benefit by learning, developing skills, experience etc...

Here volunteering benefits the individual on two levels: the individual self and the surrounding local reality. We have active participation, we have physical activity, we have volunteering, what we are missing is, the European dimension, the exchange of these diverse experiences from which we can learn and transfer ideas, what we are also missing is spreading this movement further... How can this self-sufficient pool of young volunteers benefit Europe? How can it be taken further? How can the potential for education which is already present in the trans-generational system of volunteering, taking on responsibilities be pushed further? Can the experience of these various young individuals make an even greater difference? In volunteering eventhough we learn a lot and are possibly empowered in and through this role and experience, we may not necessarily see any further, how this can apply to another field, how we can take it further, how we as an individual can make a difference...

Looking at Youth for youth by youth solutions;

To develop more volunteers using all volunteers? Yes.

In using Sport as a tool to reach out and attract? Yes.

With a vision of Education? Yes.

On European level? Yes.

Using Non-Formal Education? Definitely.

European youth exchanges and trainings offer this opportunity and possibility requires even more volunteering, commitment, energy, engagement, motivation from the volunteers. This year ENGSO Youth with the support of the EYCB (European Youth Centre Budapest) of the Council of Europe, to focus on bringing together young individuals involved in inclusion of people with and without disabilities in and through sports. This session was led by volunteers, the participants were either volunteers or working with volunteers in their local reality, and for this entire week they were volunteering their time. For their own development, in order for them to go back and have a wider impact in their local reality through their engagement in providing access in and through sports...and empowered they were, and ideas they created and multipliers they have become. It has now been two weeks since the end of the session and already a publication for other leaders is coming out, they have already planned another 4 meetings, applied for funds for another European exchange and all this as volunteers.

Our "last event" for 2011 during this European Year of Volunteering has taught us the close relation and the motivations between; education, for youth, by youth, with youth in short, peer education and volunteering.

Sport is attractive to numerous groups possibly inaccessible otherwise, through this combined with volunteering peer education, we can empower youth and make a difference towards the creation of the "Dream Team European Volunteer Culture", in a healthy mind and body.

Karine Teow, ENGSO Youth Vice Chair

To find out more about ENGSO Youth activities, visit our website http://www.youth-sport.net



Volunteer Academy Kazan, Russia

Volunteer Academy Kazan, Russia

Executive Committee Kazan 2013 organized the camp for volunteers on 20th-24th September 2011 in Kazan, Russia in the cooperation with the Ministry of Sports, Tourism and the Youth Policy of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Tourism of the Tatarstan.

ENGSO Youth representatives, Natasa Jankovic and Damir Stajner, took active part in the Volunteer Camp as guest speakers during lectures and workshops on the following topics: "Communication and Motivation as important elements of the Volunteer Management process"; "How cultural and sport events influence on the development of volunteering" and "Recruitment and Selection of volunteers for major sport events".

Around 500 participants took part in the International youth volunteers camp "Volunteer Academy" which took place in the Universiade Village in Kazan. Participants on the Camp were young volunteers from all over Russia as well as from Europe.

The purpose of the camp was to gain together young people who are actively involved in volunteering and have experience in the field of international communication. Volunteers were given the opportunity to work with the representatives of the Executive Committee of XXVII World Summer Kazan Universiade 2013, the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism of Tatarstan, the members of the State Duma of Russian Federation and famous athletes. The educational program of the Volunteer Academy helped young people to get necessary knowledge and skills of how to involve, train and select volunteers for Universiade 2013 as well as to learn Russian and Tatar culture and traditions.

27th World University Summer Games will be held in 2013 in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. Universiade is the second major sport event after Olympics. Therefore, in order to provide successful organization of Universiade 2013, 20.000 qualified volunteers have to be recruited. The preparation for the Universiade 2013 in Kazan is gathering pace, the number of volunteers involved in projects is growing.

 For more information abouth the volunteering opportunities visit the official website http://kazan2013.com


Volunteering in Sport - a priority topic for the French ENGSO Youth Member, CNOSF Youth Commission

Volunteering in Sport - a priority topic for the French ENGSO Youth Member, CNOSF Youth Commission

The European Year of volunteering offered the youth commission of the French CNOSF (made up of all volunteers) a priority topic for the year as volunteering is one of the main pillars behind participation in sports as we know it.

The youth commission thus, made a common reflection on the current situation and needs for both youth and the sports movement today. This brainstorm led to the creation of a tool-kit; "I am a sports person, but also a volunteer in my club" targeted to youth ranging from school students to university. This tool-kit elaborated not only on what volunteering is but additionally, offered an insight into the different tasks and levels a young individual could contribute to. This tool kit is accompanied by a pedagogical support document to be as user friendly as possible. The kit was presented and is disseminated in a variety of meetings and schools sports conferences in the hope to develop an even wider Volunteering Culture in France and Sports.

In addition, the French CNOSF with the youth commission contributed to a full day of panel debates around volunteering during the "volunteering caravane" which traveled around Europe. This day dedicated to sports and volunteering looked at issues around, youth, gender, disability, inclusion and access to volunteering in France and extended the debate to wider Europe. Overall a very successful day which brought, practitioners, leaders and politicians to enter into a trans-generational dialogue around the common barriers and solutions to volunteering in sports in Europe.

Even though volunteering is not a punctual action and demands long term commitment, strategy and initiatives, the focus of a European Year of Volunteering offered within the French Youth and Sport movement a valuable space for both reflection and dialogue.


ENGSO Youth on the II Youth Convention on Vounteering in Brussels

ENGSO Youth on the II Youth Convention on Vounteering in Brussels

During the II Youth Convention on Volunteering in Brussels, 7th-11th September 2011, ENGSO Youth Committee Members took active part in the Volunteer Village on the Esplenade of the European Parliament together with their partners – Executive Committee of Universiade Kazan 2013.

Besides workshop "Motivational tools for volunteers – Best practices in sport volunteering - Universiade Belgrade 2009 and Universiade Kazan 2013" an interactive sport game "Funny Universiade" was organized for all the visitors of ENGSO Youth stand. Aims of the activities were: to improve the practical organisation of sport voluntary programs; to improve volunteering within organisation through good structured motivational programs; to motivate young people to become part of the project Universiade Kazan 2013; to promote sport and healthy lifestyles and promote sport volunteering as a developing part of youth activity in modern society.

"The Convention was a great opportunity to present our work, exchange best practices, to learn from each other and develop new ideas. Sport is the biggest sector for volunteering in Europe and a great tool for promotion of true values among youth. This kind of events are always inspirational and it was very excited for us to be in the European Parliament and engage with MEPs and political decision makers", said Natasa Jankovic, ENGSO Youth Committee Member during her speech in front of the workshop organisers on the closing ceremony.

During the ENGSO Youth workshops participants had the chance to hear good practices when it comes to motivation of volunteers in sport sector, as well as to discuss and give their own ideas and recommendations. Through second activity "Funny Universiade", an informative-interactive game, some sports of Universiade 2013 were presented with slightly changed rules. Participants had the opportunity to show their skills and team work in track and field, beltwrestling and football.

Each activity lasted for 1,5 hours. All visitors had a chance to sign up for volunteering positions and start their unique volunteering journey in sport sector.

To find out more about ENGSO Youth activities, visit our website http://www.youth-sport.net/



ENGSO Youth Volunteer Award 2011

ENGSO Youth Volunteer Award 2011

In order to promote and encourage volunteering within the youth sport sector in Europe and put on display what is already taking place, ENGSO Youth established Volunteer Award in 2010. This award rewards one young volunteer in recognition of their exceptional involvement in sport in Europe. The award is not an incentive for becoming more active in volunteering, but a recognition of an outstanding achievement of volunteering. Every year Volunteer Award is presented to young volunteers aged between 18 and 35.

This year ENGSO Youth Volunteer Award has been given to Heidi Tamminen, a 27 years old volunteer in youth sport from Finland. Heidi received 2011 Volunteer Award during ENGSO Youth General Assembly in Tallin, 19th-22nd of May, and explained why she chose to become volunteer: "The reason why I started to volunteer and why I am still involved in it is because by doing volunteer work I have an opportunity to have an influence on the field of sports, it's empowering on a personal level and it's motivating. Volunteer work can give you so much, it offers you opportunities for experience that you couldn't get anywhere else".

ENGSO Youth is the non-profit youth organization of ENGSO (European Non-Governmental Sport Organization) with 40 members, which are national umbrella organizations for sport from across Europe. ENGSO Youth focuses on the European youth sport for all sectors. Because we give priority to the fun and enjoyment of sport our responsibilities reach far beyond the pure sport side. We stand up for youth sport activities outside the formal framework of training and competition. In these activities we use sport as a mean to work with young people. With the help of sport, communication, participation, prevention and integration becomes possible.

To find out more about ENGSO Youth activities, visit our website http://www.youth-sport.net/



Junction49.co.uk is an online platform that inspires and supports young people across the UK aged 13-25 to set up and deliver their own social action projects around the issues that matter to them.  Through our dedicated helpdesk, young people receive tailored support and advice around how to plan their project, help with finding and applying for funding as well as putting them in touch with other young people who may be able to help.

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