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ENGSO Youth Volunteer Award 2011

ENGSO Youth Volunteer Award 2011

In order to promote and encourage volunteering within the youth sport sector in Europe and put on display what is already taking place, ENGSO Youth established Volunteer Award in 2010. This award rewards one young volunteer in recognition of their exceptional involvement in sport in Europe. The award is not an incentive for becoming more active in volunteering, but a recognition of an outstanding achievement of volunteering. Every year Volunteer Award is presented to young volunteers aged between 18 and 35.

This year ENGSO Youth Volunteer Award has been given to Heidi Tamminen, a 27 years old volunteer in youth sport from Finland. Heidi received 2011 Volunteer Award during ENGSO Youth General Assembly in Tallin, 19th-22nd of May, and explained why she chose to become volunteer: "The reason why I started to volunteer and why I am still involved in it is because by doing volunteer work I have an opportunity to have an influence on the field of sports, it's empowering on a personal level and it's motivating. Volunteer work can give you so much, it offers you opportunities for experience that you couldn't get anywhere else".

ENGSO Youth is the non-profit youth organization of ENGSO (European Non-Governmental Sport Organization) with 40 members, which are national umbrella organizations for sport from across Europe. ENGSO Youth focuses on the European youth sport for all sectors. Because we give priority to the fun and enjoyment of sport our responsibilities reach far beyond the pure sport side. We stand up for youth sport activities outside the formal framework of training and competition. In these activities we use sport as a mean to work with young people. With the help of sport, communication, participation, prevention and integration becomes possible.

To find out more about ENGSO Youth activities, visit our website http://www.youth-sport.net/


Recognition of learning in Scouting and Guiding

Recognition of learning in Scouting and Guiding

Scouting Netherlands, in intensive communication with the WOSM - European Region, invited National Scout Organisation to join Europe wide project to stimulate recognition of learning within Scouting. At the European Scout Conference representatives from interested organisations met and agreed on the basics of the project, which was designed later in the summer. The project on Recognition of Learning in Scouting was then submitted and grated by the Youth in Action programme of the EU. It involves associations from Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain. WOSM and WAGGGS European Regions are supporting the project providing expert support if and when needed.

In the scope of the project, two meetings of the project managers were held in December 2010 (to exchange ideas and methods, make plans and set goals for each project team) and in May 2011 (to start writing a national project plan and to start working on establishing a project team in each partner country)

The meeting held from 14 to 16 October 2011 in Apulia, Portugal brought together project teams from all 8 participating countries. This network meeting was focused on sharing ideas, discussing approaches, exchanging methods and developing activity plans for each pilot project team.

The meeting showed that all national teams are well underway in their projects in area of recognition. Project teams from Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Portugal held workshops to present methodologies they developed during the project.


Conference ‘’Inspiration for recognition’’

Conference ‘’Inspiration for recognition’’

From 13 until 15 April, around 40 people met in The Netherlands for a conference about recognition of non formal learning in voluntary work. They not only represented Scouting and Guiding, but also local volunteer centres, national organizations for the support of volunteers, and formal education.

The event was organized by Scouting Gelderland, one of the regional centres for training and support of scout leaders in The Netherlands, together with partners from Sweden, Scotland, Germany, and Slovakia.

The aims of the meeting were:

to inspire organisations to start working on, or improve their strategies towards, recognition of competences of their volunteers
to present guidance for tools and processes that organisations can use in the recognition process (resources/trainings/criteria for tools/different levels of tools).
to present and exchange good practices in the field of recognition of non formal learning.
New developments on European level, such as the European Qualifications Framework and the European Skills Passport, were presented, and the participants explored and discussed opportunities for future cooperation.

For more information please contact Jo Peeters, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Croatian Scouts celebrating European Year of Volunteering

Croatian Scouts celebrating European Year of Volunteering

Scout Association of Croatia realized their National event and national Scout gathering "Together for Community" on 10 to 12 June, in the municipality of Bistra, near Zagreb.
The aim of this event was to raise public awareness about volunteering and to make volunteer contribution in community development more visible. Parallel to this gathering, a Roundtable "Possibilities for improvement of volunteering in NGOs" was realized.

These events were organized under the patronage of the Croatian Government and Ministry of Family, Veterans and Inter-generational Solidarity.

As a recognition of work of Croatian Scouts and their voluntary involvement in the community, the national gathering was visited by Ms. Jadranka Kosor, the Prime minister of Croatia.

Cub Scouts Pack into Parliament

Cub Scouts Pack into Parliament

A group of Cub Scouts and their Leader visited Westminster on 7th June for Parliament's first ever Cub pack meeting. The event was part of The Scout Association's drive to promote the benefits of volunteering to adults.

Various MP's joined them to volunteer for the day and see first-hand the benefits that volunteering has on the life of adult Leaders present. Many of the Leaders at the meeting were recent recruits to Scouting, having joined up over the past two years.

Among those taking part was scout leader Jenny Thorp, who said volunteering with the scouts helped launch her career as a teacher. She said: "When I decided to change career paths and become a teacher the skills I'd developed in scouting were key to getting a place on the Graduate Teacher Programme."

Planned to coincide with National Volunteers' Week, the event saw a collection of MPs work with twelve adult Leaders from around the country to help twenty-eight Cub Scouts enjoy a range of activities. Activities included setting up a camp and going on an indoor expedition.

Read more at The Scout Association website http://scout.org.uk/news/388/cub-scouts-pack-into-parliament


Apresentação CNE Voluntariado

Apresentação CNE Voluntariado

Corpo Nacional de Escutas, Portugal, issued a new video promoting volunteering in the Association. If you think you may like the idea and produce one yourself, please have a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5pffCcb8KY&feature=player_embedded


Austria Celebrates the European Year of Volunteering EYV 2011

Austria Celebrates the European Year of Volunteering EYV 2011

A delegation of 15 Scouts and Guides of Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen Österreichs (PPÖ, the National Scout Organisation in Austria) was present when more than 600 representatives of Austrian NGOs came together at Salzburg Palace. They gathered to celebrate the official start of the European Year of Volunteering and met with H.E. Heinz Fischer, Federal President of the Republic of Austria, and members of the federal and provincial governments.

In his address, the President emphasized the vital role of volunteer commitment for local communities and the Austrian society in general. More than 3 million Austrians (more than a third of the population) invested much of their spare time to the benefit of the country and its inhabitants.

Other speakers, including H.E. Gabi Burgstaller, Governor of the province of Salzburg, and Thomas Geierspichler, Paralympic Gold Medallist and EYV 2011 Ambassador, underlined the important contributions of volunteers in all areas of society and welcomed the opportunity of the EYV 2011 to showcase the different aspects of the valuable and 'timeless' work of volunteers to a wider audience, both in Austria and throughout Europe and the world.

Briefly commenting the event, Lisa Höllbacher, member of PPÖ's Youth Council, said that Guides and Scouts in Austria played their part in promoting the valuable volunteer work both within the organisation and outside. She hoped that the European Year of Volunteering 2011 and related activities would encourage even more citizens in Austria and other countries to engage as volunteers on local, national and international levels. She also recalled that social skill building and empowerment of children and young people were integral part of the educational programme of the Scout and Guide movements and contributed to the development of local society and the living environment.


Raising Awareness: the Pfaderer Family on Tour


Raising Awareness: the Pfaderer Family on Tour

Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen Österreichs (PPÖ), WOSM and WAGGGS member in Austria, launched a special campaign to mark the European Year of Volunteering: for the following 12 months, members of the Pfaderer Family toured Austria and other countries of the European Union to raise awareness and underline the important contributions volunteers make in today's societies.


Follow the Pfaderer Family on their tour on their Facebook site or on their own website.

Further Information contact:

Mr Philipp Pertl

Press Officer, Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen Österreichs

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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Communication on EU Policies and Volunteering: Recognising and Promoting Crossborder Voluntary Activities in the EU (EC), 2011

Communication on EU Policies and Volunteering: Recognising and promoting Crossborder Voluntary Activities in the EU, Brussels, 20.9.2011, COM(2011) 568 final.

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