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CSR Europe Activity Report. The European Year of Volunteering 2011 (CSR Europe), 2011

CSR Europe Activity Report. The European Year of Volunteering 2011, November 2011.

Volunteering in Sport: trends, opportunities and challenges (Sport and Citizenship's 2011 Special Edition in partnership with ISCA), 2011.

Sport and Citizenship's 2011 Special Edition in partnership with ISCA "Volunteering in Sport: trends, opportunities and challenges", October 2011. Read here.

EHO celebrates volunteers in Novi Sad

EHO celebrates volunteers in Novi Sad

On 29th September, Eurodiaconia members the Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization (EHO) organized an event entitled "European Year of Volunteering -EHO Volunteer, Why Not?" in order to make a contribution to the European Year of Volunteering 2011. The celebration was organized with the aim of promoting volunteering as a way of community engagement.

AGE position paper on older volunteering making the links between EYV2011 and EY2012

AGE position paper on older volunteering making the links between EYV2011 and EY2012

AGE has launched a new Position Paper which explores the links between the European Year of Volunteering 2011 and the upcoming European Year 2012 on Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations. The objective of this paper is to encourage stakeholders to build on the momentum created by the European Year of Volunteering to foster active ageing in the community during 2012 and promote better recognition of the value that older volunteers bring for our societies.

AGE position paper on active ageing through volunteering:


AGE and Intergroup on Ageing organised a meeting on 'Enhancing the participation of older volunteers through the 2011 European Year of Volunteering (EYV2011)'

AGE and Intergroup on Ageing organised a meeting on 'Enhancing the participation of older volunteers through the 2011 European Year of Volunteering (EYV2011)'

In the context of the European Year of Volunteering (EYV 2011), the Intergroup on Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity held a meeting on 21 September 2011 to highlight the important contribution that older volunteers bring to society and to reflect on how best to remove the current obstacles to volunteering among older people.

This meeting highlighted how to encourage and facilitate participation in volunteering activities amongst the ageing population.  It also stressed the necessity to bridge the efforts of the EYV2011 and the upcoming 2012 European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations (EY2012).  Furthermore, it provided an occasion for Intergroup members and stakeholders to reflect together on how their expectations for the current European Year of Volunteering are being met as well as the benefits that volunteering brings for older people and how this links into the aims of the EY2012 to promote active ageing.  

During the meeting, a Resolution on the importance of involving older people in volunteering activities was endorsed by Cristina Gutierrez Cortines (EPP), Kinga Göncz (S&D), Jean Lambert (Greens), Kartika Liotard (GUE), Liz Lynne (ALDE), Claude Moraes (S&D) and Lambert van Nistelrooij (PPE), Co-Chairs of the Intergroup, and by Martin Kastler (PPE), rapporteur for the EP report on the EY2012. This Resolution presents volunteering as a vital component of active ageing and includes a number of recommendations to the EU and stakeholders at national and local level that would enhance volunteering opportunities for older people.

The meeting showed that all of Europe must mobilize its efforts to support the EY2012 and to extend the work of EYV2011.  Such actions will promote active ageing, intergenerational solidarity, and will provide the stepping stones to the creation of an Age-friendly Europe.

Resolution: http://age-platform.eu/images/stories/Resolution_A4_format.pdf

ENGSO Youth on the II Youth Convention on Vounteering in Brussels

ENGSO Youth on the II Youth Convention on Vounteering in Brussels

During the II Youth Convention on Volunteering in Brussels, 7th-11th September 2011, ENGSO Youth Committee Members took active part in the Volunteer Village on the Esplenade of the European Parliament together with their partners – Executive Committee of Universiade Kazan 2013.

Besides workshop "Motivational tools for volunteers – Best practices in sport volunteering - Universiade Belgrade 2009 and Universiade Kazan 2013" an interactive sport game "Funny Universiade" was organized for all the visitors of ENGSO Youth stand. Aims of the activities were: to improve the practical organisation of sport voluntary programs; to improve volunteering within organisation through good structured motivational programs; to motivate young people to become part of the project Universiade Kazan 2013; to promote sport and healthy lifestyles and promote sport volunteering as a developing part of youth activity in modern society.

"The Convention was a great opportunity to present our work, exchange best practices, to learn from each other and develop new ideas. Sport is the biggest sector for volunteering in Europe and a great tool for promotion of true values among youth. This kind of events are always inspirational and it was very excited for us to be in the European Parliament and engage with MEPs and political decision makers", said Natasa Jankovic, ENGSO Youth Committee Member during her speech in front of the workshop organisers on the closing ceremony.

During the ENGSO Youth workshops participants had the chance to hear good practices when it comes to motivation of volunteers in sport sector, as well as to discuss and give their own ideas and recommendations. Through second activity "Funny Universiade", an informative-interactive game, some sports of Universiade 2013 were presented with slightly changed rules. Participants had the opportunity to show their skills and team work in track and field, beltwrestling and football.

Each activity lasted for 1,5 hours. All visitors had a chance to sign up for volunteering positions and start their unique volunteering journey in sport sector.

To find out more about ENGSO Youth activities, visit our website http://www.youth-sport.net/



Conference ‘’Inspiration for recognition’’

Conference ‘’Inspiration for recognition’’

From 13 until 15 April, around 40 people met in The Netherlands for a conference about recognition of non formal learning in voluntary work. They not only represented Scouting and Guiding, but also local volunteer centres, national organizations for the support of volunteers, and formal education.

The event was organized by Scouting Gelderland, one of the regional centres for training and support of scout leaders in The Netherlands, together with partners from Sweden, Scotland, Germany, and Slovakia.

The aims of the meeting were:

to inspire organisations to start working on, or improve their strategies towards, recognition of competences of their volunteers
to present guidance for tools and processes that organisations can use in the recognition process (resources/trainings/criteria for tools/different levels of tools).
to present and exchange good practices in the field of recognition of non formal learning.
New developments on European level, such as the European Qualifications Framework and the European Skills Passport, were presented, and the participants explored and discussed opportunities for future cooperation.

For more information please contact Jo Peeters, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Danish Scouts “Give a Year” to Scouting

Danish Scouts “Give a Year” to Scouting

Not just because 2011 is the European Year of Volunteering and the International Year of Volunteers +10, Martha, Hans Henrik, Marcus and Peter, four young Scouts from KFUM-Spejderne (or YMCA Scouts), have decided to "Give a Year" to Scouting.

"Give a Year" is a well-established initiative in Denmark and allows members to apply for full-time volunteer positions in most of the National Scout Associations in Denmark for one year. Within KFUM-Spejderne, a variety of "Give a Year" jobs are available at both the National Headquarters in Copenhagen and at Houens Odde International Scout Centre in Kolding. The volunteers are fully integrated members of staff and responsibilities are similar to those of their professional paid colleagues.

While Martha is in charge of the most recently opened "Scout Centre CPH" in Copenhagen where she helps develop management and programme aspects, Marcus and Peter both work at "Houens Odde" as activity coordinator and outdoor manager, respectively. So if you happen to visit either Scout Centre this year, you will most certainly meet them. And Hans Henrik? He completes the communication team at headquarters as web-master and coordinator of KFUM-Spejderne's youth pages on www.scoutzone.dk.

Asked what he saw as principal goal of his volunteer engagement, Hans Henrik mentions several aspects: on one hand, the initiative allowed interested Scouts to get more familiar with the organising, strategic planning and management aspects of the association, while, on the other hand – and perhaps more importantly – the experience as "Give a Year Scout" certainly contributed to the development of valuable personal skills and qualifications.

As part of their one-year engagement, the four Scouts decided to go on a "European Study Tour". Arriving from the United Kingdom, where they had visited The Scout Association and Gilwell Park, the group spent two full days in Geneva, where the aim was to discover the various aspects of structure and working routine at the European Regional Office and the World Scout Bureau's Central Office. Their final stop was in the Berner Oberland, where they learnt more about the organisational setup as well as programming and management aspects of the Kandersteg International Scout Centre (KISC).

Now back home in Denmark, Hans Henrik underlines the valuable experiences and knowledge collected during their visits. They would now be a lot more familiar with the operational side of WOSM (at both Regional and World levels) and better understand what it meant to work as a volunteer at an international Scout Centre (such as Gilwell Park or KISC). For his part, Hans Henrik will adopt a volunteer training method for communication advisors at local and district levels, which he had seen practiced at the headquarters of The Scout Association.

Halfway through his volunteer year, Hans Henrik is more than convinced of the benefits of the "Give a Year" concept. It gives young people first hand experience of the functioning of the association. At the same time, the association and its Scout Centres can gain enormously from the enthusiasm, energy and fresh ideas. Many former "Give a Year Scouts" have subsequently been offered short-term paid staff positions or have been engaged in larger projects of their association.


Croatian Scouts celebrating European Year of Volunteering

Croatian Scouts celebrating European Year of Volunteering

Scout Association of Croatia realized their National event and national Scout gathering "Together for Community" on 10 to 12 June, in the municipality of Bistra, near Zagreb.
The aim of this event was to raise public awareness about volunteering and to make volunteer contribution in community development more visible. Parallel to this gathering, a Roundtable "Possibilities for improvement of volunteering in NGOs" was realized.

These events were organized under the patronage of the Croatian Government and Ministry of Family, Veterans and Inter-generational Solidarity.

As a recognition of work of Croatian Scouts and their voluntary involvement in the community, the national gathering was visited by Ms. Jadranka Kosor, the Prime minister of Croatia.

Apresentação CNE Voluntariado

Apresentação CNE Voluntariado

Corpo Nacional de Escutas, Portugal, issued a new video promoting volunteering in the Association. If you think you may like the idea and produce one yourself, please have a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5pffCcb8KY&feature=player_embedded


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