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Volunteers Addressing the Challenges of Globalization in Rural and Urban Development, (ICYE), 2012

The 27th issue of the ICYE Federation's Newsletter is a special issue on volunteering:

"Volunteers Addressing the Challenges of Globalization in Rural and Urban Development" (February 2012)

A Picture of Volunteering in Diaconia (Eurodiaconia), 2011

A Picture of Volunteering in Diaconia. A publication by Eurodiaconia, May 2011.

Description: This publication is one of Eurodiaconia's activities carried out on the occasion of the European Year of Volunteering 2011 as a means to celebrate volunteering in diaconia and to promote the sharing of best practice in volunteering among Eurodiaconia's members. This publication is aimed at volunteer managers in diaconal organisations and churches and volunteering policy makers in diaconia. It is also targeted at anyone who would like to learn more about diaconia and in particular what volunteers do in diaconal organisations. The publication is also available on Eurodiaconia's website: http://www.eurodiaconia.org/publications-and-resources


Report "Mobility of young people – Opportunities and obstacles for cross-border volunteering for young people, particularly with fewer opportunities" (EU-CoE), 2011

Final Report of the Research Seminar "Mobility of young people – Opportunities and obstacles for cross-border volunteering for young people, particularly with fewer opportunities" (European Youth Centre, Strasbourg 11-13 December 2011), a report produced for the EU-CoE youth partnership and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the partner institutions

The European Athletics Young Leaders Community

The European Athletics Young Leaders Community

ENGSO (European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation) is the representative of the sport sector in the Alliance.  ENGSO's partner European Athletics has created the European Athletics Young Leaders Community, a unique on-line space for active young people interested in athletics, developing their skills, community service and making new friends. The aim is to use modern communications and social network tools to encourage volunteer activity that helps to promote both athletics and local community service and in the process helps to prepare the sport's next generation of leaders. The community is driven by ideas and input from its members with support from European Athletics, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and the national athletics federations in the 50 countries of Europe.

The main forms of activity are 1) volunteer work for Young Leaders Community partners (athletics events, clubs, schools and other sport-related organisations) and 2) projects to promote sport, fitness and physical education that are designed and implemented by our members. European Athletics and UNESCO will also host biannual live gatherings for community members to meet, exchange views and develop their leadership skills.  The next gathering takes place in conjunction with the European Athletics Championships in Helsinki, Finland, in June 2012.

Certificates of recognition from European Athletics and UNESCO are awarded to community members who register significant hours of volunteer work (Bronze Certificate = 100 hours, Silver Certificate = 250 hours, Gold Certificate = 500 hours). In its first year of operation the Young Leaders Community attracted more than 1000 members who registered more than 12,000 hours of volunteer work.

For more information visit www.athleticscommunity.org

48h Voluntariado

48h Voluntariado

More than 3000 rovers scouts of CNE, Portugal, were involved in 82 volunteering projects, all across the country, durign the weekend 11 - 13 November 2011.

The projects were choosen and organized by themselves and covered areas as environment/historical heritage/social assistance/buildings' renewal (schools and child institutions)/etc.

All projects were developed in partnership with the community, and several of them involved also non-scout people's volunteering.

More information (in Portuguese) at



Traditional Scout campaign revived

Traditional Scout campaign revived

The Scout Association plans to re-launch the campaign that was once very successful. Bob-a-job week, first introduced after the Second World War, became an annual fixture in which boys knocked on doors to ask for work to do and expected a shilling in their fundraising envelope in return. It will be in modern form and will be called Community Week, designed to comply with health and safety laws and to avoid the risk of compensation claims.

Instead of offering to wash cars or mow lawns for a shilling, the new 'community week' will see Scouts offering help to hospitals, care homes or volunteer groups. Around 40,000 scouts are expected to undertake activities. Sometimes there will be tasks carried out for private households in return for a donation to the local scout troop - although with the ruinous level of inflation they would probably hope that the old rate of a shilling would be superseded by something higher.

Probably the greater focus will be on a single project lasting a week and involving the whole group - perhaps polishing items in a museum or doing some gardening for a hospital of care home, or clearing woodland or building work on a local playground. The work will be done for free but residents in the local community who appreciate it will

be invited to give money.

There are 400,000 scouts in the UK - aged from six to 25. There are another 30,000 on the waiting list to join as there is a shortage of adult volunteers. There are 94,000 of them but that isn't enough. 'Modern working patterns make it harder for people to commit to always be able to do a slot like a Tuesday evening,' the Scouts spokesman Simon Carter tells.


Scouts first in the cleaning action

Scouts first in the cleaning action

The action "Let's Clean-up Serbia", held on 4 of June was attended by 2.960 scouts, that removed more than 350 cubic meters of waste from 530 locations.

Together with local authorities and youth organisations, scouts took a major part in celebrating the World Environment Day. This national activity also promoted the European Year of Volunteering.
With the well-known tennis player Novak Djokovic, group of scouts was the promoter of this activity in mass media.
The Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning Mr Oliver Dulic, and the Campaign manager thanked the Scout Organisation of Serbia.


Croatian Scouts celebrating European Year of Volunteering

Croatian Scouts celebrating European Year of Volunteering

Scout Association of Croatia realized their National event and national Scout gathering "Together for Community" on 10 to 12 June, in the municipality of Bistra, near Zagreb.
The aim of this event was to raise public awareness about volunteering and to make volunteer contribution in community development more visible. Parallel to this gathering, a Roundtable "Possibilities for improvement of volunteering in NGOs" was realized.

These events were organized under the patronage of the Croatian Government and Ministry of Family, Veterans and Inter-generational Solidarity.

As a recognition of work of Croatian Scouts and their voluntary involvement in the community, the national gathering was visited by Ms. Jadranka Kosor, the Prime minister of Croatia.

Cub Scouts Pack into Parliament

Cub Scouts Pack into Parliament

A group of Cub Scouts and their Leader visited Westminster on 7th June for Parliament's first ever Cub pack meeting. The event was part of The Scout Association's drive to promote the benefits of volunteering to adults.

Various MP's joined them to volunteer for the day and see first-hand the benefits that volunteering has on the life of adult Leaders present. Many of the Leaders at the meeting were recent recruits to Scouting, having joined up over the past two years.

Among those taking part was scout leader Jenny Thorp, who said volunteering with the scouts helped launch her career as a teacher. She said: "When I decided to change career paths and become a teacher the skills I'd developed in scouting were key to getting a place on the Graduate Teacher Programme."

Planned to coincide with National Volunteers' Week, the event saw a collection of MPs work with twelve adult Leaders from around the country to help twenty-eight Cub Scouts enjoy a range of activities. Activities included setting up a camp and going on an indoor expedition.

Read more at The Scout Association website http://scout.org.uk/news/388/cub-scouts-pack-into-parliament


Volontaire un jour, bénévole toujours!

Volontaire un jour, bénévole toujours!

An effective volunteer story was published in Vivre à Genève, publication of the city of Geneva.

Laurent Menoud is running the Resto'Scout where hot meals are served to people in need. The Resto'Scout serves about 150 people per Sunday with a budget of 200 CHF. Laurent mobilizes every weekend a team of volunteers to collect the goods, prepare and serve the meals.

Laurent joined the Scouts at very early age and spent time in various troops in Geneva. Several years ago, he discovered, by accident, the Resto'Scout and is now managing it as a volunteer, being present Sunday after Sunday. The Resto'Scouts has to be closed three or four times a year when tensions are raising during the service or when there is not enough volunteers for the service. But in the meantime, while Laurent is getting more money, he is preparing bigger and better meals and even more people are coming.

To learn more about the Resto'Scout, please visit www.restoscout.ch

You can download the full article about Laurent here http://www.ville-geneve.ch/fileadmin/public/publications/vivre-geneve/vivre-geneve-magazine-40.pdf


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