EYV Flow Issue 1 September 2010

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EYV FLOW - Issue 1

Welcome to the first of the monthly EYV 2011 Alliance Newsletters.  In this newsletter either directly in the text or through hyperlinks you can find EYV 2011 Alliance news together with profiles of the members, a "city focus" and announcements.  If there is anything that you would like to be included in future editions of EYV Flow please contact the EYV 2011 Alliance secretariat.  To receive the EYV Flow please register on the EYV 2011 Alliance Web Portal.  

EYV 2011 Alliance Secretariat.

CEVlogoSMALLThe EYV 2011 Alliance Secretariat has been established on 5th July 2010, hosted at the CEV office. It is composed of a Project Manager, Gabriella Civico, and a Project Officer, Céline Barlet. The Secretariat will be in charge of the operational execution of the work programme of the EYV 2011 Alliance and will serve as a contact point of the Alliance for internal and external queries regarding the European Year 2011. Find more about Gabriella and Céline here.


EYV 2011 Web Portal - www.eyv2011.eu

Following the Call for Tender launched in August 2010, the Prismage company was chosen to develop the EYV 2011 Alliance website.  Click here to find out more about the progress! The complete version of the website is planned to be available in October 2010.  Successfully used and recommended by two Alliance members (AGE and Red Cross Europe Office), the company’s bid matched closely with all the work plan requirements of the Alliance and is developed using Open Source software.


EYV 2011 Working Groups

From July onwards, the pre-selection process of Working Groups has started with the Call for Working Group sent out to all Alliance members. September 24th is the deadline for the Secretariat to receive online application forms and the Alliance member’s approved lists of maximum 5 pre-selected candidates. The Kick off meeting of the EYV 2011 Working Groups will be 7 & 8 of January 2011 in Budapest, Hungary.


EYV 2011 Journalist Relay

Be a Reporter - European Year of Volunteering.  One journalist in each of the 27 EU member states is invited to participate in the production of stories about the European Year of Volunteering throughout 2011.  There is an extended deadline until 27th September!  For more information click here.


EYV 2011 official logos

LetsSlogo_Official_LogoIn 2009 the EYV 2011 Alliance coordinated the “Let's Slogo” competition to find the official logo and slogan for EYV 2011, seen here in the top banner.  In March 2010 the European Commission selected the winning logo and slogan “Volunteer! Make a difference”. EYV 2011 Alliance members have received the final versions in all official languages and soon you will be able to download the adapted final versions of the logo and slogan to be used for the promotion of the year which were made available in August 2010 by the European Commission. Thank you again for taking part in this competition and for your enthusiasm! The winners of “Let’s Slogo” will be invited to the official Media Launch of the European Year 2011.


EYV 2011 Staff Volunteer Day

foto4More than 20 years after first attending the Yorkshire Scout Agooneree as a teenage volunteer in the UK EYV 2011 Alliance Project Manager, Gabriella Civico returned again this year also as a volunteer.  Using one of her two annual Volunteer Days which are allowed for all staff employed by CEV she supported an international youth activity of 32 young people, 15 of them with sensory, cognitive or motor disabilities. In this, the European Year against Poverty and Social Exclusion and looking ahead to 2011 as the European Year of Volunteering the importance of recognizing voluntary contribution in this field has never been so important.  The CEV policy regarding Staff Volunteering Days meant that Gabriella was able to experience the enthusiasm and commitment of so many volunteers and their organizations!  Following the experience Gabriella said "I would like to thank everyone that made it possible.  If you don’t already have an Employee volunteering policy where you work then I cannot urge you strongly enough to start developing one".





EYV 2011 Alliance - Membership Profile



SolidarSMALL is a European network of 52 NGOs active in over 90 countries working to advance social justice in Europe and worldwide. SOLIDAR voices the concerns of its member organisations to the EU and international institutions across the policy sectors social affairs, international cooperation and lifelong learning. In terms of volunteering, SOLIDAR promotes the  recognition of volunteering as an instrument for social cohesion, solidarity and active citizenship. SOLIDAR members include social service providers that involve volunteers in their daily work and volunteer organisations, particularly active in this field are: Arbeiterwohlfahrt (DE), Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Austria, Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Germany, CSV (UK), Humanitas (NL), Auser (Italy), Samaritan International and Solidaridad Internacional (ES). 

efilThe European Federation for Intercultural Learning is the umbrella organisation of 22 AFS Organisations in Europe. AFS (formerly American Field Service) is a non-profit volunteer based educational organisation offering educational exchanges for young people around the world where young people stay in host families who voluntarily provide this service. EFIL was established in 1971, mainly as a service organisation for AFS partners at a European level. All of EFIL’s activities are led and implemented through a combination of volunteer and staff resources and are carried out jointly by EFIL and its Member Organisations. EFIL is a member organisation of the European Youth Forum (YFJ), has participatory status at the Council of Europe.


EYV 2011 "City Focus" - Bratislava

The Pontis Foundation holds an annual citywide volunteering event called Naša Bratislava or “Our Bratislava”, bringing together volunteers who are employees from various companies based in Bratislava with local NGOs to help out on a number of projects in the city. The fourth Naša Bratislava day took place in June 2010 with 1537 volunteers from 43 companies taking  part. This added up to over 6000 volunteer hours. The programme was launched in 2007, and has expanded to other regions in Slovakia. There are thousands of beneficiaries ranging from one-off or regular clients such as  crisis centres, orphanages, kindergartens and homeless shelters, teachers and students. ENGAGE Key Cities Projects bring together community partners and companies to work in collaboration on employee community engagement programmes. There are currently 19 projects running in 20 cities across 16 countries in all continents of the world.


CEVlogoSMALL Open Days Side Event European Year of Volunteering – Attracting Volunteers'  Boosting social cohesion by volunteering’ 5th October 2010, from 14h – 16h in the premises of the Liaison Agency Flanders-Europe in Brussels (Kortenberglaan 71).  This event aims to inform on the initiatives towards the European Year of Volunteering 2011 from European level, exchange best practices on attracting new volunteers from regional and local levels and point out gaps and problems in mobilizing volunteers. The speakers include MEP Marian Harkin, leader of the Taskforce for the European Year of Volunteering John Macdonald and President of the European Volunteer Centre Eva Hambach. Read more and register.

CEV Symposium: Volunteering as a means of empowerment and social inclusion – A bridge between the European Years 2010 and 2011  6th-7th December, Maison des Associations Internationales, Brussels (Belgium).

EngageSMALL European Employee Volunteering Awards.  Companies and public authorities across Europe can compete in five different categories to showcase best practice for Employee volunteering schemes helping people facing barriers to work to improve employability skills. The deadline for UK nominations is 22nd October 2010. Closing dates for other European countries may differ.


Seminar: 30 September 2010 – “Re-imagining the Consultative Landscape in Europe” in  Paris.  

19th Volonteurope conference: 21-24 October 2010, Athens

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