EYV Flow Issue 13 September 2011

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EYV FLOW - Issue 13, September 2011

Welcome to the 13th September EYV Flow, the EYV 2011 Alliance Newsletter. If you have any suggestion about the EYV Flow or contributions for future editions please contact the EYV 2011 Alliance secretariat. In the text or through hyperlinks you can find EYV 2011 Alliance news together with profiles of the members, a "city focus" and announcements. Please subscribe on the EYV 2011 Alliance Web Portal to receive the EYV Flow directly to your e-mail and help us to map the readership.

EYV 2011 Alliance July Meeting hosted by ENGAGE

EngageSMALLIn July the 31 participants representing 21 EYV 2011 Alliance member organisations met at the KPMG offices in Brussels who offered the venue as a partner of Steering Group member ENGAGE. Participants considered the implications of the decision to create a "Volunteering Platform" to continue the EYV 2011 Alliance work. The Steering Group discussed the continued work of the six working groups and shared their opinions on the first draft of the Policy Agenda on Volunteering in Europe (P.A.V.E) stressing the need for a coherent and succinct document. Read the full-report here.

EYV 2011 Alliance : 39 European Networks

In July 2011, one more European network active in volunteering joined: The European Network of National Civil Society Associations - ENNA. The EYV 2011 Alliance currently involves 39 European networks gathering over 2,000 direct member and partner organisations from all over Europe and beyond.

EYV 2011 Alliance: participate online !

See the new question of the month. Check the latest offers in the Online Marketplace. Register your volunteering hours. Share your ideas and news through facebook and twitter. Exchange your expertise in the resources library. Send your feedback.

AGE Meeting "Enhancing the participation of older volunteers through EYV 2011"

AGE_smallAGE invites you to a meeting in the European Parliament on "Enhancing the participation of older volunteers through the 2011 (EYV2011)" on 21 September 2011 from 13.30 to 15.00, Room PHS 4B001. This event, that includes presentation from the EYV 2011 Alliance, is co-organised by AGE Platform Europe and Jean Lambert MEP as co-chair of the EP Intergroup on Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity. To register, contact maude.luherne[at]age-platform.eu before 8 September 2011.

CEV Symposium "Volunteering and Active Citizenship – Two Sides of the Same Coin?" 

CEVlogoSMALLresizedCEV (The European Volunteer Centre) in collaboration with its member Bundesnetzwerk Bürgerschaftliches Engagement (BBE) is organising a Symposium, „Volunteering and Active Citizenship – Two Sides of the Same Coin?‟ which will be held in Berlin, Germany, 19-21 October 2011. The event will provide a platform for discussions on how volunteering fosters the concept of active citizenship and vice versa. Draft programme and registration form here. Register before 30th September by sending the registration form to andreea.nagy[at]cev.be 

EYV 2011 Alliance members publish volunteering policies 

In summer 2011, several EYV 2011 Alliance members published volunteering policies. You can download and read documents in the EYV 2011 Alliance EngsologoSMALLResources library.

European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation (ENGSO) Position Paper on Volunteering. Read more.

Eurodiaconia_small Eurodiaconia Statement on Volunteering in social services in times of austerity. Read more.

CaritasSMALLCaritas Policy Statement on the European Year of Volunteering 2011. Read more.

EAPNlogo_smallEuropean Anti Poverty Network's Position Paper on Volunteering and the Fight against Poverty (EAPN), 2011.  Read more.

Practical partnership between territorial authorities & the volunteer sector

ALDA_small''Volunteering is part and parcel of the broader issue of democratic partLogoCOE_smallicipation of citizens in political and public life'', stated Congress President Keith Whitmore at a conference on volunteering for democracy held by the Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA) on 8 July 2011 in Bydgoszcz (Poland), under the auspices of the Polish presidency of the European Union. ''We need today a practical partnership between local and regional authorities and the volunteer sector, and a practical framework for their cooperation'', he added. Read more.

European_Flag_smallEC proposes EY2013 European Year of Citizens

By designating 2013 as the European Year of Citizens, the European Commission intends to deliver on the promise made in the EU Citizenship Report and answering the European Parliament's call for such a year. The purpose of the European Year of Citizens is to facilitate Union citizens' exercising their right to move and reside freely within the EU by ensuring they can easily access information about their rights. To mark the European Year of Citizens 2013, a range of events, conferences and seminars will be organised across the EU at Union, national, regional or local level. Read press release

European_Flag_smallEYV 2011 Tour in Rome, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Dublin

IMG_0959_Benedikte_Kjaer_Denmark_smallIn July and August 2011, the EYV tour took place in Rome, Cophenhagen, Stockholm and Dublin. Find out more about participating in the EYV 2011 tour in your country. The EYV Tour Press releases are available in our Press Kit.  Check the EYV tour dates here & contact the National Coordinating Bodies in each Member State to participate. The EYV 2011 logo in 23 languages and all visual elements are available.

European_Flag_smallEYV 2011 Calendar - is your event there?

On the official European Commission calendar of EYV 2011 get an overview of EYV 2011 events across Europe! Download the form here and send it to the EC at sn.volunteering[at]paueducation.com to include your events on the calendar.

The power of volunteering

LOGO_YPSCoyote issue 17 from the Partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth focuses in July 2011 on volunteering and includes articles from the EYV 2011 Alliance explaining why volunteering matters and from the EC EYV 2011 Task Force about the impact of EYV 2011. The edition also features articles from EYV 2011 Alliance members YFJ and CEV on a rights based approach to volunteering and on the economic value of volunteering respectively. Read more

Research seminar cross-border volunteering

LOGO_YPSEU-Council of Europe (CoE) youth partnership research seminar on "Mobility of young people – Opportunities and obstacles for cross-border volunteering for young people, particularly with fewer opportunities". Strasbourg, on 11-14 December 2011. Calls for expression for interests for conveners and reporters (deadline: 11 September) as well as for research and opinion papers (deadline: 16 October). Read more.

EYV 2011 Alliance Marketplace: share your needs

marketplaceEYVFlowThe EYV 2011 Alliance Online Marketplace feature enables those who work alongside volunteers to find partners for common projects in the framework of the Year. It also enables organisations to offer volunteering opportunities and for people to search for suitable volunteering activities. Share and match your needs on the Online Market place here, this requires a simple registration process "create an account", then "add new items".



 EYV 2011 Alliance- Membership Profile



EngsologoSMALLThe European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation (ENGSO) is the umbrella organisation of National Sport Confederations and National Olympic Committees. Members of ENGSO represent sport in its broadest sense across Europe, from children and youth sport to sport activities for senior citizens, from sport for all to elite sports.

Volunteering is one of ENGSO's priorities. ENGSO adopted a position paper on volunteering which underlines that the European Union should develop European cooperation to promote volunteering through recommendations, relevant EU programmes and enabling visa practices.

In the context of the 14th ENGSO Forum which will be held in Brussels on 13-14 October, ENGSO will organise a hearing "Sport Volunteers: Promoting an Active Europe" at the European Parliament on 13 October. Read more.

engsoyouthlogoweb_148ENGSO Youth is is the non-profit youth organisation of ENGSO (European Non-Governmental Sport Organisation) with 41 members, national umbrella organisations for sport from across Europe. ENGSO Youth focuses on the European youth sport for all sectors.

ENGSO Youth aims to represent the interest of people under the age of 35, and to promote sport and health, inclusion, communication, prevention, equal opportunities, international cooperation and volunteering opportunities for young people.

The objectives of ENGSO Youth are focused on tools that advocate for and raise awareness of sport volunteering, ranging from contribution in creation of national guidelines for "rights" and "duties" of volunteers and promoting non-formal educational dimension of volunteering to ENGSO Youth Best Volunteer award. Read more.


EYV 2011 "City Focus" - Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Volunteering in the spotlight in Cluj-Napoca 

The tenth edition of the National Volunteer Week was organized between the 9th and 15th of May 2011 by the Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Centre. It was the perfect opportunity to promote 2011 Childrens_day_smallas the European Year of Volunteering and at the same time to thank the local volunteers for their work and involvement in the community. During 7 days, 14 different events and concrete volunteering activities in Cluj-Napoca have managed to draw the attention on the impact of volunteering in the local community.

More than 30 NGOs, 2 public institutions working with volunteers (General Direction for Social Assistance and Child Protection, Cluj-Napoca City Council), 153 local volunteers and 12 international volunteers participated. Over 2000 people (including 500 children) were beneficiaries of all the events and activities organized. National Volunteer Week 2011 was an effervescent and enthusiastic week that managed to put volunteers and volunteering in the spotlight in Cluj-Napoca. Read full-article.



Upcoming events:


September 3-5: 64th Annual United Nations DPI/NGO conference "Sustainable Societies; Responsive Citizens" Bonn, Germany.

September 8-9: Spanish Platform of Volunteering (PVE), XVI School of Volunteering (Autumn School) - International Meeting, Madrid. Download program. Read more.

September 6-10: European Youth Forum (YFJ) 2nd Youth Convention on Volunteering, Brussels, Belgium.

September 13-14: From volunteering to leadership in sport expert's conference, Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Poland, Warsaw, Poland.

September 21: "Enhancing the participation of older volunteers through the EYV 2011" meeting, European Parliament, co-organised by AGE and Jean Lambert MEP, Brussels, Belgium.

September 21: United Network Of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY) International Day of Peace and Photo competition "Youth and Volunteering for Peace", The Hague, the Netherlands.

September 22-23: EUCLID Annual Conference, Naples, Italy

September 27: EESC Public Hearing on Legal Framework for volunteering, 9:30 AM, Brussels, Belgium

September 29 – October 1: The Council of European Municipalities and Regions is co-organising the European Congress on Citizenship and Twinning with the Association of Polish Cities and the city of Rybnik, Poland.

October 10-13: Open Days 2011, CoR 9th European Week of Regions and Cities, Brussels, Belgium.

October 13-14: Council of Europe Forum for the Future of Democracy, Limassol, Cyprus, Read more.

October 13-14: 14th ENGSO Forum with a hearing "Sport Volunteers: Promoting an Active Europe", European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium.

October 17-19: Africa Conference on Volunteer Action for Development, Johannesburg. Registration begins on 14 July.

October 19-21: CEV Symposium - "Volunteering and Active Citizenship - two sides of the same coin?" Berlin, Germany

October 20-23: 20th annual  Volonteurope Conference, "Make a difference by volunteering", Edinburgh, UK. Register here

October 23-30: UNOY "PAVE your way! Peace and Volunteering in Europe", Budapest, Hungary. Deadline: 15 July 2011. Download Call for Participants. Apply here.

November 7-8: EDYN and Eurodiaconia Conference: "Volunteering as a means to fight social exclusion in Europe today", Brussels, Belgium. Read more.

European Commission:

European_Flag_smallEbS, the Audio Visual team at the EC, have made available the second volunteering stockshots featuring volunteers from the EYV 2011 Alliance to be used free of charge by anyone during 2011 and beyond. Watch the stockshots 

European_Flag_smallThere is still time to host Relay Reporter ! The 27 EYV 2011 Volunteer Journalist will visit each member state in turn, check the deadline in your country and appy here.


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