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About the AllianceThe EYV 2011 Alliance is an open, informal and growing group of European networks active in volunteering and has used EYV 2011 to say:

"THANK YOU": Celebrating and recognising the efforts and contribution of volunteers and volunteering organisations.

"YOU CAN": Empowering, promoting and facilitating new people to volunteer.

Since 2007 the EYV 2011 Alliance members have committed to working together on the promotion, lobbying, organisation and implementation of the EYV 2011. We are currently 39 European networks gathering around 2000 direct member and partner organisations all over Europe and beyond, reaching out to hundreds of thousands of volunteers.  Meetings are held regularly and the report from the meeting in March 2011 can be read here, the  meeting in May 2011 here, the meeting in July 2011 here, the meeting in September 2011 here, the meeting in November 2011 here and the most recent meetings in January and March 2012 here. The final report of the EYV 2011 Alliance project is available here.

The objectives of the EYV 2011 Alliance included the development of the Policy Agenda on Volunteering in Europe (P.A.V.E).  The work took place largely in the framework of 6 working groups who met for the first time in the Kick Off Conference in Budapest, had a 2nd meeting in Brussels in March 2011, a 3rd meeting in Brussels in May 2011, a 4th meeting in Brussels in September 2011 and a Closing Conference in Warsaw in November 2011.  The Alliance members  presented P.A.V.E to the European Commission at the EYV 2011 closing conference in December 2011 in Warsaw, Poland.

1 AGE Platform Europe
2 Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations
3 Caritas Europa
4 Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union - COFACE
5 Conservation Volunteers Alliance - CVA
6 CSR Europe
8 Erasmus Student Network - ESN
9 Euclid Network - EN
10 Eurodiaconia
11 European Anti Poverty Network - EAPN
12 European Council for non-profit organizations - CEDAG
13 European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation - ENGSO
14 European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation Youth - ENGSO Youth
15 European Social Action Network - ESAN
16 European Students’ Forum - AEGEE
17 European Volunteer Center - CEV
18 European Youth Forum - YFJ
19 International Cultural Youth Exchange - ICYE
20 International Scout and Guide Fellowship - ISGF
21 Johanniter International
22 Mental Health Europe - MHE
23 Red Cross – EU Office
24 Social Platform
26 The Association of Local Democracy Agencies - ALDA
27 The Association of Voluntary Service Organisations - AVSO
28 The Confederation of European Senior Expert Services - CESES
29 The European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning - EUCIS-LLL
30 The European Federation for Intercultural Learning - EFIL
31 The European Federation of Food Banks - FEBA
32 The European Federation of Older People - EURAG
33 The European Juvenile Justice Observatory - EJJO
34 The European Network of National Civil Society Associations - ENNA
35 The International Planned Parenthood Federation European Network - IPPF EN
36 The International Sport and Culture Association -ISCA
37 The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts - WAGGGS
38 The World Organization of the Scout Movement - WOSM
39 Volonteurope

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