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Welcome to the EYV 2011 Alliance Website, the main portal for volunteer-involving organisations and volunteers throughout Europe to share and inform on issues relating to EYV 2011.

Read our monthly newsletter the "EYV Flow" and our Yearbook to get all the news about EYV 2011. Visit our Facebook Page, join our Facebook Group and follow us on Twitter.

Find out about the Policy Agenda on Volunteering in Europe (P.A.V.E). Download it here.  

EYV 2011 cooperates closely with the IYV +10 and you can find out more about both initiatives and connections between the two here.

This website complements the EYV 2011 webpage on the Europa Portal managed by the European Commission www.europa.eu/volunteering. For more current information, check http://ec.europa.eu/citizenship/

You can find out more information about the EYV 2011 Alliance including the members, the work plan and the final report in the dedicated section on this site.  For information about what is happening for EYV 2011 in each EU member state, please contact the National Coordinating Bodies in each EU Member State.

The website is prepared in English which is the working language of the EYV 2011 Alliance.  There is an incorporated online translation tool that users can use to get an automatic translation of the content of the site allowing for increased access for different language users.  The EYV 2011 Alliance secretariat take no responsibility for the quality of this translation. 

As a portal site this space relies on updated information and input being provided by the users and you are invited to register to take part.  To understand more about the aims and objectives of EYV 2011 click here


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